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High-tech instrument industry is the material basis for the rapid development of

Release Date: 2010-06-26    Views: 2594

Scientific and technological advances constantly updated instrumentation forward higher requirements. Instrument development trend is the use of new works and use of new materials and new components, such as the use of ultrasonic, microwave, ray, infrared, and using a variety of new semiconductor-sensitive components, integrated circuits, integrated optical devices and other components to achieve instrument miniaturization, to reduce weight, reduce production costs and more user-friendly and maintenance.

Focus on the development of industrial automation technology based on field bus master devices and intelligent instrumentation systems, special and dedicated automation; comprehensive expansion of services and promoting digital instrumentation systems, intelligence, networking, complete automation technologies from analog to Digital technology changes, the proportion of 5 years digital instrument more than 60%; promote automation software with independent intellectual property commercialization.

Instrument of high-tech products will become the future instrument development the mainstream of science and industry. The world nearly two decades, microelectronics, computer technology and precision machinery technologies, high sealing technique, special processing technologies, integration technologies, membrane technologies, network technologies, nanotechnology, laser technology and superconducting technologies, biotechnology and other high-tech access the rapid development.

The background and situation, and continuously to the instrument a higher, newer, more requirements, such as demanding faster, higher sensitivity, better stability, less sample volume, and even non-destructive detection of micro-damage, remote sensing Telemetry is more distance, more convenient, cheaper, no pollution, as well as instrumentation development of science and industry provides a powerful impetus, and the further development of instruments into the material, knowledge and technology base.

Especially pointed out that, over the past decade, due to nanometer-level precision machinery, including research, molecular-level results of modern research, gene-level biological research, new technology and intelligent sensor technology research, and ultra-high precision Performance of Special Functional Materials research and promote the use of global networking technology, including the outcome of such a large number of the most advanced scientific and technological achievements of the race came.