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About 2010 Central (Zhengzhou) instrumentation and industrial automation exhibition

Release Date: 2010-06-26    Views: 1781

Distributed in the central region of many high precision and advanced industrial and research institutions, major equipment manufacturing base in the country, with a strong industrial base and human resources, technology advantages. Henan Province in central region as technology, trade, finance center and transportation and communication hub, its market influence of radiation throughout the central region. "Rise of Central China" strategy, along with the country "to information technology to stimulate industrialization" development strategy, implementation, and the Degree of Economic uplift of the construction, industrial automation, instrumentation technology and growing demand for equipment, increasingly demanding, so that the Central Region's economy has seen unprecedented vitality.

Henan is China's first big agricultural province, is also an important economic giants. China's major grain production base, energy and raw material base, equipment manufacturing base and an integrated transport hub, is the rapid development of new industries province's economic aggregate ranks first in central and western regions. In recent years, Henan adhere to speed up the industrialization and urbanization; promote agricultural modernization, accelerate the transformation of economic development, accelerate industrial restructuring; competitive industries and high-tech industry has developed rapidly, industrial level and increase their competitiveness; agricultural animal products, non-ferrous metals and coal resources of the deep processing capacity advantage of constantly improving; industry's rapid economic development, the formation of the automobile, equipment manufacturing, food products, aluminum and aluminum, textile, new materials, medicine, chemical industry, electronic information and other pillar industries, and leading industry, industrial system more reasonable and perfect. The provincial government to implement the "East west" strategy, improve the transfer of industry from eastern and international competitiveness, so that all cities in Central China City Group industrial advantages of the process of developing their overall competitive advantage in the form, to be opened in Henan, east and west into the main platform and the country's major base of advanced manufacturing, regional business and financial center and cultural center of science and education, strong competitiveness of the Midwest open economic zones.

In order to accelerate the pace of development of Henan, with the economic development of Henan Province, to promote industrial control, automation and instrumentation applications, introducing new industry products, new technologies, organized by the Instrument Society of Henan Province, Zhengzhou 10,000 enterprises Exhibition Co. Ltd. It's " 2010 Fourth Central Instrumentation and Industrial Automation Control Expo "scheduled for June 8, 2010 -10 at the Central China International Exposition Center. In each host, and co-support to guide and direct assistance of the times, innovation and brilliance. Seek to better communication for the enterprise to build a learning and positive interaction of the trading platform.