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Foshan Brinell Rockwell & Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd. is specialized in hardness measuring instruments such as R & D, production, sales and technical service in an enterprise. Independent R & D and manufacturing company Rockwell, Vickers, Leeb, Brinell hardness tester series products have been widely used in various regions of the metal heat treatment, metal processing industries, for testing stainless steel, tin, aluminum, forgings, castings , welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, plastic molds and other products hardness.

Company of "professional, dedicated, honest and innovative" business philosophy, with innovative thinking to focus on the development of new hardness, with honest attitude service to customers, through cooperation to achieve common development with their own customers.


● become the most social, customers, shareholders, employees respect the company

● social responsibility, compliance, protection of the environment, the pursuit of corporate growth and social development in harmony

● respect the customer's demand and investment, through innovation, process improvement, staff development, continue to create value for customers

● continuing to pursue the company's improved operating results for the long-term investors good returns

● respect the staff's personality, enhance their competitiveness and the joy of work and investment, and for their contribution to a reasonable return on


Through the organization and the continuous improvement process, leadership, competitiveness and employee development, alliances and open innovation to Brinell Rockwell & a good measuring instruments solutions and service provider.